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A Partnership for better tomorrow based upon great values

Bee Genius success is hardwired with its pursuit of sharing the load for a longterm, here we believe in dividing your load and collaborating with someone as amazing as you for lifetime. Thus, here we share your load, dreams and collaborate with you for landing support as well the success we share.

Bee Genius is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified IT consulting and solution providing company with global presence in about 30+ countries. We are known for our elite services such as Web Development, Mobile application development, Open source CMS development, design solutions, e-commerce development etc.We are known for modern technology-deployment and we eagerly look forward to technology partners to help us in our quest. Partnership with BeeGenius is built upon mutual trust, a combined goal and mutually shared profits, and partaking in risk. We believe in the conjoint potential of us and our partners, we provide an environment for co-sustaining and reaching out for better global opportunities and revenue generation.

Partnering with Bee Genius helps in grabbing global opportunities and development support in establishing your brand. With our partnership you can leverage improved customer relations, reduced operational costs, faster conversion time, technical assistant, expanded global reach within an incubating environment.

Bee Genius seeks partnership in Technology solution providing small and Medium size agencies, tech-consultants, global investors and big consultancy firms, to co-exist and reach untapped market.

Associate Partnership

The associate partner program of Bee Genius is all about becoming a helping hand to your enterprise, in this type of partnership we become an extended part of your setup. Here, you will be able to deploy us on projects partially or wholesomely, which means you can seek our cooperation on certain projects or outsource us to them completely.

We act as your assistant and support with our technical well being and skills in development and designing of web products.

Benefits to become partnerBenefits
  • As our associate partner, we give your work immense priority and work is done under high priority guidelines.

  • We deploy our best of the best team of developers and designers on your web development projects.

  • We work with our partners very closely on their projects, with converging focus and at a very competitive price. We provide our valued services on discounted price.

  • Reach us anytime and anywhere, we are always there to receive you with our amazing services.

partner responsibilitiesResponsibilities
  • We truly believe that an infrastructure plays a very important role, thus we would like you to have a proper premise with advance technical aids.

  • An experienced and talented team of developers.

  • A little or profound knowledge and work credibility in mobile and web development solutions.

  • Running of marketing campaigns and driving of sales with marketing initiatives.

Strategic Partnership

Our strategic Partnership program is all about attending your staff management and enterprise management needs, with this partnership you will be much efficiently be able to manage your staff’s health, pension, safety and other benefits. We land you support in technically empowering your staff by providing them training and upgrading their technical knowledge. With us being your alongside you don’t have to worry about migration, your tools, equipment, licenses and ofcourse software upgrades. We are here for something as small as upgrades to something as important as training, making us your strategic partners now you will be able to help your self on your other business priorities. We are you’re your backend technical support to your front-end sales executive, thus we look after your lesser important chores while you focus on building something big for yourselves.

Partner benefitsBenefits
  • No maintenance of staff, we look into the things like training and development projects which keeping hawk eye upon technical minuscules.

  • infrastructure maintenance cost, and staff training, maintenance cost is reduced greatly because of us providing services at low cost.

  • You can finally focus on other important things like pulling up your business and dealing with clients etc.

  • We impressively have maintained our quality and set standards, following the same you can leverage high-quality standards in everything.

responsibilities of partnershipResponsibilities
  • Help us in building and maintaining reputation of our brand.

  • Help us in driving in regular web development and app development projects such as designing, developing, maintaining of apps and websites.

  • Having a high-end technical and creatively advance designer and developer team for in-house development projects.

  • Referring us for projects that have development requirements.

Referral Partnership

Referral partnership programme gives you freedom to step out of the complex world of commitments and contracts, it allows you leverage the benefits commission for referring and closing a deal for us for development of web and app development projects. on each closed deal, you get your credit as a commission for referring us for development, marketing our services and products etc. With you referring us, we will be finalising and working out with your referrals etc.

partnership benefitsBenefits
  • You have no complexities if contracts and commitments.

  • You don’t have to participate in the later complexities such as closing deal and detailing, team deployment etc.

  • We ensure your referrals are served with best of the best services.

  • You are paid with commission as credit throughout partnership lifecycle.

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responsibilities of the pertnerResponsibilities
  • As per our partnership terms and conditions, your responsibilities are confined to referring us to your in-house, off-shore and other clients and seekers of web and app development with perks of commission throughout partnership lifecycle.

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