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Bee Genius is a highly acknowledge custom website development company and is recognized for delivering extraordinary work in the niche of web development solutions. Imbibed with true user experience in the sphere of delivering custom website design services it is assisting plentiful of enterprises to grow. They are delivering extraordinary custom web design services, web development services, and custom web application development services that can fit into the puzzled and complicated business operations. Their bespoke web development services are visually stunning and are backed with intelligent technology standards and advanced features that aid in delivering amicable strength to the web project to render high-results.

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Charter is to make IT think, talk and perform like a business.

Web Development Services

There are plentiful of peculiar features that help in making our website development services different from the other out of which some of them are enhanced functions, seamless UX and stunning visuals and many more that can be described as the mandate part of our custom web development. We infuse all the right and standard parameter for making your website lead in this hyper-competitive market place. As a best web development company, we produce highly efficient and result oriented web applications and websites that meets with the business demands of the small businesses, large or medium size. We make it a priority to make your web application highly speedy, efficient and retains your users impressively.

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Custom Website Development

We are amongst the best web development company and is known for producing highly responsive and reliable web development services that cater the modern business needs. We help you lay the road to achieving greater success by creating empowered development solutions that are highly secured, scalable, excelled and are attuned to deliver high performance.

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eCommerce Solutions

Discover the best custom web development solutions that help in providing a swift passage to business eCommerce life, thus helping you to reach plentiful of the user base in a single run. In this competitive digital marketplace, we at Bee Genius infuse the appropriate technical standards to help your business grow and evolve at a faster pace

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Enterprise Web App Development

We are highly customized web application development company that aid your businesses to achieve new heights. With technology as our strong-hold, we have custom developed powerful software solutions that are process-based and helps in effectively managing the websites. We are completely dedicated when it comes to delivering sharpen performance and aid you to scale your everyday business problems while harnessing the benefits of enhanced seamlessness, transparency and employee-productivity.

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Software Product Development

Our custom website development services are highly user-centric and process driven. We infuse the unyielding power of technology for creating highly amplified software products that are equipped with enhanced performance and security. Being the best website development company, we ensure to deliver advanced features and make sure that our products are scalable and in -sync with your business specific needs.

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Frontend and Backend Development

Grasp our Custom website design services and ensure a secure, scalable and feature-rich development of your products. We deliver a great level of efficiency and performance into your websites and ensure that it delivers an unparalleled efficiency, performance, and responsiveness. Our frontend designs, are loaded with optimized scalability, security, and transparency thus, helping you reserving a top seat amongst the competitors.

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Third Party Integrations and Customizations

We are a web development company that ensures your standalone performance amongst the competitors existing out there. We expertise in delivering profound development solutions to clients that are backed up by robust technology stack, API development, and integration. Moreover, you can also discover skilled web developers that can create web API’s, Custom Data Connectors, and middleware for securely integrating the third-party components and modules.

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Protyping & UXD

We are equipped with a highly empowered team and are known as the best web design company. For bringing out the best visual essence out of your products. We master in drawing the raw sketches that can be further transformed into working prototypes and guidelines are required according to the business requirements. We deliver the best and visually stunning websites designs renders functionality and visuality in a true way.

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Upgradation & Migration

We deliver world class services in the niche of migration or upgrade or complete revamp of your software products. We help you to transport all the belongings of your project to the upgraded versions by infusing the indispensable technologies. During such process, we make sure that the core of the business process is not at all disturbed plus at the same time paves the road for the businesses to get through the tough competition.

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Technology Consultancy

With so many technologies existing nowadays, it is becoming really very toil to figure out the technology that will be suitable for your projects and ventures. Thus, understanding your concerns, we have charted a completely new technology stack for your next web development project defining a whole new set of opportunities that open with it.

Our Web Development Verticals

Since we are counted amongst the top web development companies in world, we pay perfect paradigms for exposing the opportunities to every business existing out there. Being equipped with the wider technology breadth, we make a promise to deliver utmost customer satisfaction. Some of the wide arrays of business verticals we cater our services to are as follows:

Online Marketplaces & Portals

Undeniably, developing a sound and a robust online marketplace requires a lot of expertise and that you will discover in the team of Bee Genius. We master in developing the sophisticated online marketplace that is equipped with amicable features and showcases distinctive various business backdrops given the vendors, shops, brands, person onto a singular platform.

Accounting Apps

We engineer remarkable and performance-oriented Accounting Apps that help you with the accurate and to the point calculations thus adding extra power to your business operations. At Bee Genius You will discover the highest range of custom design and development services that can easily resonate with your business needs. Our services will allow you to get more edge over your financial data and allows you to access it from any centralized location.

E-Commerce Websites

We are highly equipped in the domains of Custom website Development and delivers remarkable eCommerce websites that aid your businesses to outperform in this hyper-competitive market place. We cater to the businesses by developing advanced features and delivers high functionality to your user base. Moreover, you can discover the developers that can scale, manage and secure your website thus augmenting your ROI.

Custom Business Apps

We undertake the web development process that helps you to hit upon the right needed functionality and seamlessness that you look into your business operations. We help you enhance your employee productivity and allow you to control, monitor and centralize all your business operations for anywhere in the world.

CRM Systems

We sophisticated CRM System, that exactly resonates with the industrial needs and requirements prevailing in the modern culture. Undeniably, managing a wide customer base is really toil until it is answered with something technology-enabled. Here, the role of CRM Systems cannot be missed as they allow you to handle business information, sales, marketing & customer support.

Social Networking Apps

Discover the most secured, embellished and feature-rich solutions by the aid of our power-packed custom web development services. At Bee Genius, we deliver applications that are endowed with high-end functionality and are equipped with a sense of security and scalability.

Our Fort of The Technology Stack

We are a software and website development company that not only shape ideas but also shapes technologies as they evolve. Maintaining our technology toolbox is our priority and we use it for meeting the variegated demands and needs of the users. Our web development technology includes:

Core Technologies & Frameworks

PHP & Frameworks Ruby-on-Rails Python Django Java Magento
Opencart Shopify Wordpress Drupal

Microsoft Technologies

Sharepoint ASP.Net

JavaScript Development

AngularJS Node.js ReactJS Vue.js


For years Bee Genius has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

  • Rent your student accommodation with Uniplaces, the safe and easy student housing platform to find and book rooms and residences for university and Erasmus students. Uniplaces is the fastest-growing online platform helping students around the w...

  • Voiver is the voiceover marketplace where registration of both customers and voiceover artists is free. It is the platform to promote your profile for free and no limits. Here you will charge from your customers according to you. So, here you c...

  • Uberpong is an eCommerce Website, built on BigCommerce necessitated with all end to end customization tools. Uberpong is an exclusive eCommerce site highly dedicated on developing online market for ping pong products. Built on robust technology...

  • This Website have all the rings and bells for a robust custom clothing platform as well as an ecommerce platform. This website offers customization tools where users are allowed to design qamees using along with available option like fabric, co...

  • Connect with professionals in your field via voice or video call. Get inside info on job interviews, companies to work for, and career development! We seek to connect job seekers, students, and aspiring professionals with accomplished professio...

  • Tready is a proximity based hotel/restaurant/shops coupons and deals application that allow users to check currently running offers on their walkway/market and redeem offers. This application offers a separate panel to cafes, where they can lis...

Bee Genius : A legitimate supportive stand for the next custom Web development

Obviously, racing in the race amongst the competitors is not an easy task. We go through the harsh competition but at the same time, we make sure to delivers the products that match your expectations and desires. We look for the unbending craze of the users and thus tries to deliver out-of-box products and services. So, let's find out what makes us the best web development and design company for your next big project. Let’s have a look at them:


In-depth Analysis

Analysis and research are a great deal for us and we give it a great priority. We believe in diving deep into the user requirements and makes sure that the time invested by our clients is Bee Genius, goes nowhere in vain. We chart the most crucial belongings in your project and ensure that they are being charted in the perfect way.


Stunning design

With the aid of our well-versed web design services, we ensure to deliver bewitching mobile and responsive web design that exactly resonates with your products and make the users fall for your products in an easy way. We give equal priority to the functionality of the overall product as well.


Mobile Friendly Web app

Imbibed with the in-depth knowledge we know what will work best for your businesses. We develop apps that are true to your business operations and are equally mobile friendly in terms of functionality, responsiveness, and quality.


Optimized performance

Well, optimized performance is always the first choice of any user base. Being a reputed development company, we make sure to reduce the loading time 3 seconds so as to improvise the Google ranking and to boost the user conversion rate.


High-end Security & Scalability

We are reserved with a pool of web developers and emphasizes on delivering an amplifying level of scalability and security in your websites. We focus on integrating high and powerful security measures such as security plugins, data encryption standards and much more to set the businesses free from any third party or external threat.


Boosted Search Engine Optimization

We the aid of our quality, we deliver a complete sense of responsiveness and scalability in your websites. Our aim is focused over maintain a cherishing quality in the products that we deliver. Moreover, we make sure that our web design services comprehend your navigation system in the right way so that it can set the roads for boosted SEO optimization.


Full Cycle Web Development

We believe in developing end-to-end web development solutions and custom software products that are committed to excellence. Thus, we deploy all the full cycle development right from the prototyping to its release while engineering the products.


Centralized Communication

We practice to bring seamlessness in communication and make sure to deliver the required transparency throughout the product development cycle. We focus on making easy communication via listing various channels such as Skype, Phone, Messages and many more.


Extended Software Protection policy

However, there are very few chances, yet in case if some error bumps out or your security issue in the software you can drop a request to fix. We ensure you to get it fixed within one or two business days.

We make custom web development easy & Affordable

We are acknowledged and a reputed development company that is known for optimized and sophisticated process. Our first step takes into account the intimate interaction with you so that we can land up to a clear-cut approach when it comes to serving your enterprise needs. Our web development services are empowered by your expectations and needs and we make it a priority to deliver high-end quality, functionality, visuals and most importantly features that help your enterprises rock.

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Frequently asked question

Bee Genius produces a stellar combination of UI and UX and help your website to glow amongst thousands. Delivering quality, committing to excellence and time, skilled professionals and standard work ethics are our top advantages for the clients and the reasons why they should hire us.

It depends on the specifications and venture requirements. Any updates in between the development are also welcome. Approximately we take half a month for developing the blue print of the website.

By signing an NDA and we assure you to deliver the source code at the time of project submission.

Listening to our clients, is our top priority, we assist our clients and provide the services at the time they require. We are a web development company that delivers quality into the products we engineer and aid business to prosper in every virtue.

Requirement analysis, wire framing development, Development and design, QA, testing and deployment. We discuss on budget once; the client approves wireframes and ask for initiating the development.

We adopts the core work cycle and produces the results in a way, that really matters.

For Bee Genius client satisfaction is a topmost priority. thus, we welcome changes or the updates, even after the site is completed.

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