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Design and develop your own on-demand music streaming applications like Spotify with our innovative music streaming app development services. At Bee Genius, we are a renowned name in the IT industry offering the comprehensive range of the state-of-the-art live music streaming applications development for individuals and businesses out there. If you have innovative live music streaming mobile app development idea like Spotify in your mind, reach out to us make it possible for your business.

Our Interactive Music Streaming App Development Solutions

At Bee Genius, we help in building feature-rich live music streaming apps services for music-lovers.

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Music Streaming App

Our music app developers have profound experience in creating innovative streaming functionality and mobile UI for multiple devices.


Music Editing Apps

We combine our UI/UX design expertise with excellent sound capabilities to bring about effective music editing solutions.


Music Learning Apps

Our human-interface interaction aims at contributing effective music learning experiences to the users.


Music Apps for Bands

With high-end in-app subscriptions or purchases, make our interactive on-demand music streaming app solutions a great source of income, while getting closer to the fans at the same time.

How We Empower Music Streaming App Development?

At Bee Genius, our professional team of highly qualified and experienced music app developers helps in the designing and development of live music streaming apps for Android and iPhone that serve the right purposes for your business. Right from on-demand music streaming to live music streaming, music editing, innovative apps for bands, and so more –we are a one-stop solution for live music streaming development service as per your unique requirements.

  • Near-Field-Communication


    Allowing login and registration to the regular as well as new users to be the part of the app.

  • iBeacon-and-Bluetooth

    Attractive UI/UX

    One of the most vital aspects of the live music streaming app is the interactive UI/UX. The music application has been designed to lure and grab the users.

  • QR-code

    Music Playlist

    The interactive feature of the app helps the users in creating a personalized playlist of the favorite songs.

  • QR-code

    Download Options

    The music Android app and music iPhone app allows the users to download the songs or music of their choice.

How it Works?

The working of the interactive live music streaming app is hassle-free and offers ultimate ease of use to the end users.

  • 1

    Register or Log In

    The regular app users can login, while the new users can register into the app for an enhanced experience.

  • 2

    Access Favorite Music

    The users can access their favorite music and tunes with the help of the interactive features of the live music streaming apps.

  • 3

    Live Streaming

    Allowing iOS and Android users to record and share live music videos or audio files through the app

  • 4

    Connect to Other Music Lovers

    The users can develop an interactive community of music lovers having the common love for music.


  • STARZ PLAY brings you Hollywood movies, original TV shows and childrens programs on our on-demand entertainment subscriptions services - anytime anywhere. It is available to 19 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. ...

  • Stream Hub for iOS is a free app that enables you to search through and stream tons of best hits from the world\'s largest music databases, like SoundCloud on your iPhone, android anywhere and anytime....

  • The Hiphopza mobile app is the South African music streaming app from where you can listen and download best free South African music from different artistes as per your choice....

Revolutionary Music Streaming App

The users of the music app for Android and iOS can make use of the app through its high-end features.

  • Listening to Radio Streaming.

  • Creating both public as well as private music playlists.

  • Adding tracks on the music playlists.

  • The searching album, tracks, artists, and track names.

  • Countering player tracks.

  • Ensuring background play.

  • Ensuring background remote control.

  • Getting access to lockscreen information including cover, track, and artist.

  • Downloading favorite music tracks and listening offline.

  • Searching covers, albums, tracks, and songs.

  • Liking, sharing, and tracking music on social media platforms.

  • Managing user profiles.

  • Ensuring in-app purchases for an enhanced app experience.

Interactive Music Streaming App Features

The admin panel of the on-demand music streaming app comes with built-in interactive app features allowing the admin of the app to manage user profiles and various aspects of the music app dynamically.

  • Uploading new music tracks using the mass upload technology.

  • Publishing famous music tracks using a single click.

  • Pre-listening to music tracks.

  • Editing tracks, styles, albums, and artist profiles.

  • Deleting tracks, songs, albums, and artist profiles.

  • Adding tracks, albums, songs, and artist profiles.

  • Managing individual users of the app.

  • Managing memberships and subscriptions.

  • Managing promotions and advertising.

Are you looking for dynamic on-demand music streaming applications solution?

At Bee Genius, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering custom music streaming app development services.

Salient Features of Live Music Streaming App

With hands-on experience and in-depth industry knowledge at designing and developing highly customized on-demand Android music player app and music iPhone app, we, at Bee Genius, can help in formulating the idea to help you in the creation of highly interactive and user-friendly on-demand music applications –right from scratch.

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Push Notifications

Enhance the overall engagement possibility across all major music categories with innovative push notifications features.

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Radio Stations

The revolutionary on-demand music streaming app searches for the available radio stations in the given location –allowing the users to listen to the favorite live streaming songs.

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Live Streaming

The high-end live music streaming applications allows the Android as well as iOS users to capture and send live music or video stream from any location.

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User Behavior Tracking

We help in designing AI-powered apps to help in tracking the behavior of the users to enhance their overall music streaming and listening experience.

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Music Organizer

The users of the interactive app can organize music in the app as per their choice, mood, and genres for an enhanced music streaming experience.

Benefits of Using Our Mobile Music App Solutions

The live streaming music app offers a plethora of benefits to the end users.

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Ease of Use

The music lovers can easily access and listen to the music track of their choice.

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Ease of Discovering Music

Through the real-time, interactive features of the app, the users can easily navigate and discover the music track or artist of their choice or preference.

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Attractive UI/UX

The attractive UI/UX of the live music streaming applications draws the attention of the users.

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Ease of Streaming Live Music

The users can play their favorite songs or tracks through live streaming, downloading, saved, or radio music.

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Social Media Integration

The users can create a strong social media presence through sharing favorite music tracks on the leading social media platforms.

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Enjoying Offline Music

Even when devoid of Internet connectivity, the users can listen to music of their choice through the offline mode.

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