Sports Betting App Development

At Bee Genius, we help business enterprises out there with our innovative range of professional sports betting app development solutions in the modern era. Right from cricket betting app development to football betting app development and so more – browse through our comprehensive range of Fantasy Sports app development solutions for your business.

Our Interactive Range of Fantasy Sports App Development Solutions

At Bee Genius, we aim at redefining the entire sports betting industry with the help of our revolutionary fantasy sports solutions.

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One-Touch Betting Solutions

The sports betting apps that we create come with a simple, user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed by a few simple steps of the mobile screen. The specialized one-touch betting screen of the sports betting apps that we develop offers the overall ease of use to the end users.


Live Score Updates

The online sports betting app reveals updates about live scores along with live telecast of the sports or matches. This helps the end users enjoy the match as they keep placing bets for their favorite sports.


Live Event Scheduling

If you are wondering whether or not to place the wager on a given day, you can always rely on the interactive live event scheduling feature of the online sports betting app.


Days, Schedules, and Calendars of the App

While using the sports betting app, the users can get important updates about the upcoming schedules, sports days, calendars, and matches well in advance. The app also allows the users to enable updates or notifications for the specific match that the users wish to bet on.


Enhanced Security

The interactive fantasy sports mobile app is fully secured allowing the users to play and bet on their favorite sports. The users can be assured of the overall safety of the money they would deposit upon the bets. The highly secure sports betting app that we develop offers protection against fake betting, fraudulent activities and other online threats.


Multiple Bets Feature

While visiting or browsing the land-based sports betting shop or location-based sports book, the users are given the opportunity to place multiple bets –depending on the exact type of wager the sports fanatics are looking for.

How We Empower Different Sports Betting Apps?

At Bee Genius, our team of highly qualified and experienced app developers has mastered the skill of designing and developing highly interactive, feature-rich online sports betting apps and fantasy sports apps for the mobile users. With the help of our innovative sports betting app development solutions, we aim at helping the business owners in the sports betting industry attain maximum growth and success.

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    Horseracing Betting App Development

    Horse racing is quite a popular sports activity for centuries –quite famous amongst the royal class of betters. While horseracing betting remains a famous activity even in the modern era, we aim at designing and developing top-notch horseracing betting app development solutions –churning out great revenues for the involved business enterprises.

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    Cricket Betting App Development

    There is no denying in the rising importance of cricket as a global sports activity. Due to its overall popularity and high uncertainty levels, billions of cricket enthusiasts love betting on the sports for added fun and thrill. At Bee Genius, we provide top-class cricket betting app development that the businesses can promote for effective cricket betting.

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    Baseball Betting App Development

    Baseball is yet another famous sports activity with billions of fan base. With the help of our revolutionary baseball betting app development solutions, the business enterprises can allow the end users to enjoy the thrilling game, while making money with the app.

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    Soccer Betting App Development

    Soccer –also referred to as Football in some countries, is a very famous sport or game in most of the countries of the world. With billions of fans and sports betting enthusiasts, we aim at providing the best-in-class soccer betting app development solutions–allowing the business enterprises to reach out to a large target audience base.

How it Works?

Working of the online sports betting app is not complicated. With professional help from Bee Genius and our team of dedicated app developers, you can look forward to availing high-end sports betting and fantasy app development solutions.

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    This stage of sports betting app development solution involves important steps including concept documentation, software designing,and development documentation, project planning, and prototyping services.

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    Right from art production to the programming of the app features, audio production, quality control, and other specifications –our professional app developers aim at producing the best-in-class, feature-rich online sports betting app for mobile phones.

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    During this stage, our team of experienced app developers undergoes patches and updates, maintenance, and customer support services.


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Interactive Sports Betting App Punter Panel

  • User Account

    ease of creating and registering with respective betting user accounts.

  • Live feed

    providing real-time, live feed and updates about different sports activities.

  • In-app purchases

    Allowing the users to enhance the overall betting experience, while increasing the overall revenue of the app owners.

  • Easy navigation

    Ensuring the overall ease of use by the end users.

  • Virtual or Real money payments

    Allowing the users to bet on their favorite sports or game with real or virtual payments.

  • Anti-fraud system

    Providing protection from fraudulent activities and money loss to the users.

  • Betting tips

    Enhancing the overall betting experience of the users.

  • Days, schedules and calendars

    Allowing the users to check for calendars and dates to know about the upcoming sports or events.

Interactive Sports Betting App Bookie Panel

  • Bookmaker account

    Allowing the bookies to create an account with the sports betting app.

  • User management

    Offering the ease of managing different user profiles from the app.

  • Notifications

    The app allows the users to send and receive notifications about sports betting.

  • Live feed

    Providing live, real-time feeds to the users about sports betting.

  • Customer support

    Allowing the bookie members to provide relevant support to the end users.

Interactive Sports Betting App Admin Panel

  • Game Management

    The admin can manage different games and sports through the online sports betting app.

  • Risk management

    Managing different risks involved with the sports betting.

  • Interactive dashboard

    The admin gets to manage the entire interactive dashboard of the sports betting mobile app.

  • Bookmaker management

    Admin manages different bookmakers associated with the sports betting app.

Are you looking for interactive, feature-rich sports betting app?

Reach out to us now at Bee Genius delivering high-end, technology-powered sports betting app development solutions.

Features of the Interactive Sports Betting App Development

The advanced features of the sports betting mobile app aim at providing great flexibility and enriched power to your sports betting business.

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The online sports betting app that our developers create offers support for multiple languages with the advanced RTL language altering option. The users can switch the language of the app with just a single tap.

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Daily Betting Offers

You can draw the attention of more customers by providing daily sports betting offers. The lucrative daily offers on the app can be viewed on the homescreen of the mobile app.

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The interactive sports betting app comes with a classification for types of sports betting, games, and other types of categories –allowing the users to choose their overall preference of betting easily.

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App Notifications

The bookmakers and the users can receive live updates and notifications about the sports betting activities and modifications.

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Ease of Payments

The interactive sports betting application offers the overall ease of payment to the end users while offering the assurance of highly secure payments at the same time.

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Betting Community

The community of sports betting users allows them to get instant solutions to the sports-related queries and receive the latest notifications about the sports betting industry.

Benefits of Our Professional Sports Betting App Development Solutions

When you avail our innovative range of sports betting app development solutions, we offer the assurance of a wide number of advantages and benefits.

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Top-Quality Sports Betting App Development

: With the help of our robust sports app development solutions, the business enterprise can receive high-quality mobile apps –allowing them to boost the overall revenue.

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Ease of Betting

The interactive sports betting app allows the sports fans to bet on their favorite sports –right from baseball to cricket, football, horseracing, and so more.

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Multiple Sports Betting Opportunities

At Bee Genius, our ultimate aim is to provide a user-friendly, interactive sports betting platform wherein the users can bet on their favorite sports –even multiple sports at a time.

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Engaging User Interface

The sports betting mobile app that our developers create comes with a user-friendly, engaging user interface for the overall ease of use by the end users.

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Secure Platform

While betting on the sports of their choice, the users can be convinced of the overall safety of the payments or transactions.

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Lucrative Results

With regular updates and promotional offers from the app, the users can look forward to having a great time betting on their favorite sports.

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